Misty Mountain Dew Drop Green Tea


Misty Mountain Dew Drop Green Tea
 | Ultra Premium Green Tea

Misty Mountain Dew Drop Green Tea pays homage to the splendor and majesty of Guizhou’s natural beauty. It is a mountainous province in southwest China. Guizhou has the frontier characters of other south western plateau terrains: rough topography, difficult communication, exile isolation, and together with over 40 ethnic minority groups and more than 3,800 species of wild plants.

This is the outback of the outback, and the wilderness of the wilderness. For those who want to see what life is like deep off-grid, Guizhou is as far out of reach as it gets in the tea world. Out from all its struggles come one of our finest green teas at nature’s doorstep.

A premium green tea blend expertly crafted from six high mountain tea gardens in exquisite symmetry. Refined flavors and unmatched detail. The palate is medium bodied with ultra fine tannins and impressive delineation alongside subtle tropical fruit emerging toward the finish, then hints of spring flowers and roasted chestnuts linger on the aftertaste. 

Origin: Guizhou China
Cultivar: Ming Feng, Biyun
Grade Quality: Ultra Premium
Organic: Yes
Vintage: 2024

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