You don’t just love fine, rare teas – you live it! If this is for you, this is your tea club. The Connoisseur Portfolio Tea Club is pure indulgence in every sip. With a rare selection of Limited Reserve teas personally appointed by Gregory Lui as the very best, this club does not disappoint. The Connoisseur Portfolio features selections from all the classic tea producing regions of the world. You don’t have to travel the globe for something exceptional. Leave it to The Connoisseur Portfolio Tea Club to bring a world of fine rare teas to your doorstep. We provide the teas. You provide the memories and enjoyment. 

At the Heart of The Connoisseur Portfolio Tea Club is the celebration of Origin and Terroir. Terroir is the unique sense of place. At Leilani we seek to give a voice to the truth of the soil. We work with a palette of more than 12 diverse tea regions that personified diverse climates, micro-climates, and distinct soil conditions. We have a deeply personal relationship with all aspects of the craft through an intimate understanding of the details of each regions: the personality of the tea cultivars, the character of the soil, and the interplay of each of these elements with the creative craftsmanship of the tea masters at origin. We masterfully unified everything with the highest integrity, to bring forth the purest expression of the soil and to create teas without compromise.

Perks of Membership

Four times a year in February (Spring), June (Summer), September (Fall) and December (Winter) you will receive a package of our finest tea. It is a celebration of the pinnacle of tea craftsmanship and the expression of terroir in its purest form. Each tea is hand selected by Gregory Lui. Inside your package you will receive the curated teas, tasting notes and a brief history or story about how it came to be. 

Exclusive privilege pricing and notification on pre-sale Family Reserve Collection teas to guarantee your allocation and allows you to select your favorite teas before public release. 

Members are also eligible for 15% off all teas at any time. You will have a unique code to be used at time of check out you can share with your family and friends.

Your first package will be shipped out within the first week of joining the club. 

Know someone that would love the tea club as much as you? Refer them to us and both of you will receive a $25 e-card towards anything in the online store. 

We collaborate for months and even years in advance with the most exclusive tea gardens around the world, both globally recognized and uniquely artisan and boutique. We bring our members unique stories… something exciting to open and indulge four times a year. Come join the world’s most exclusive tea club today. 


6 Months --- $350

12 Months --- $650