Inori Matcha 
-- Japanese Ceremonial Matcha


Inori Matcha | Japanese Ceremonial Matcha -- NEW 2024

A restrained shadow of brown-grey robed figures transpired from the morning mist that hangs over the subtropical bamboo passage. With shaved heads bowed, they solemnly step into view through staves of light. Being in their proximity feels almost spiritual. Presence, quietude with exactitude. The harp descends with angel’s wings. A heaven’s blend through magic strings. Revel in the melodies that resonate your soul. Feel connected to nature while you reconnect with each other. 

There is an old Japanese expression, “ichigo ichie”. It means “one opportunity, one encounter,” says Zen Monk Kanwa Takeuchi. Every experience is unique and will never come again, each moment should be treasured. Be one with presence. Presence is the purest form of listening, listen without memory or desire. That is the aspiration behind Inori Matcha. The world's finest Japanese Ceremonial Matcha.

Silence is golden. An oasis of calm. Crafted with pulsing creativity. Alive with authenticity and culture in the hinterlands of Uji Japan. Transforming simplicity into a symphony of flavors.  Bright green hue, sharp vegetal notes of spring bamboo, an accent of raw sugar, and a silky smooth umami mouthfeel that caresses long after you finish. Uniting serenity and tranquility with an unhurried elegance. Inori Matcha is not a tea for a special ceremony. It is a spiritual offering from the gods. Souls transformed. Presence achieved. The spirit of Inori Matcha. 

Origin: Uji, Japan
Cultivar: Uji Hikari
Grade Quality: Family Reserve / Competition Grade
Organic: No
Vintage: 2024

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