Parisian Earl Grey - Premium Earl Grey


Parisian Earl Grey | Premium Earl Grey

Legend has it, the weekend can start at the beginning of the week. In France, there is no such thing as a Monday. There’s only today.  And today, you can do anything. Enjoy a butter croissant breakfast at a local cafe, meander through beautiful art galleries in mid-day then indulge in afternoon tea at the iconic Ritz and before dark you gaze at the suave resplendent sunset before it surrenders to the magical enchantment of the Parisian evening cityscape. Whatever you desire, the day is yours. 

It was in these flashes of "mangez bien, riezsouvent, aimez beaucoup"* that inspired us to create our Parisian Earl Grey tea, a unique, masterful and unforgettable work of art born from an epic journey of light, soul, and culture. Pure audacity meets pure whimsical meets pure paradox mingling with equal parts grace and complexity.

The Parisian Premium Earl Grey is the most spontaneous expression of Leilani Fine Tea style. This is a remarkable premium earl grey tea that displays beautiful shades of amber punctuated by highlights of bronze, and offers layers of smooth, floral aromas. Silky, yet well structured in soft tannins, this tea expands across the palate with flamboyant notes reminiscent of bright citrus parading down a French rose garden.

A true gustatory experience has always been a refuge for those with an adventurous inquisitive spirit.  It is those voyagers that embody the soul of living well. For some, France isn’t some place you see or be seen. It’s somewhere you feel.  An experience that’s completely your own with a sip of Parisian Premium Earl Grey. To be enjoyed with a cloud of milk and a drop of honey.

Origin: Sri Lanka
Cultivar: Assamica
Grade Quality: Private Reserve
Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic rose petals, organic bergamot oil
Organic: Yes


Mangez bien, riezsouvent, aimez beaucoup means: "Eat well, laugh often, love abundantly."

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