Butterfly Earl Grey | Premium Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea


Butterfly Earl Grey | Premium Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

A butterfly dancing through a gentle breeze
shows the beauty of nature as it flies with ease.

Gliding from flowers and trees to the sun
it is amazing to see more than just one.

Flying across the globe from shore to shore
the presence of their bodies means so much more.

The beautiful wings of a majestic butterfly
flutter across the open air sky.

With a complex design that covers their wing
they fly with a message that they secretly bring.
 --  anonymous

Butterflies are powerful metaphors of life.  In its metamorphosis from the unremarkable, colorless caterpillar to the exquisite, winged creature symbolizing refined beauty.  The butterfly has become an icon for transformation, endurance, hope and life. Across cultures, it is an insignia for rebirth, resurrection, and a chasing of dreams. And it is at this junction that our Butterfly Earl Grey loose leaf tea was inspired from. 

The Butterfly Earl Grey premium loose leaf tea is the result of an absolute determination to create a contemporary Premium Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea for modern time unlike any other. The expression of the tea showcases the essence of the finest organic ingredients sourced from around the world. The journey starts with Assam tea from India and Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka. Then we visit Calabria in Southern Italy for the most aromatic cold pressed bergamot oil. Finally, we return home to Vancouver Canada where we farmed our signature corn flowers in five unique hues symbolizing the angelic butterfly.

Butterfly Earl Grey is a poetic expression of the contemporary …as well as (and equally important) an exceptionally fine premium Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea.


Origin: China, India
Cultivar: Mixed
Grade Quality: Family Reserve
Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic corn flower, organic bergamot oil
Organic: Yes
Vintage: 2024

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