Two Village Reserve 2014 | Aged Yunnan Pu'erh tea


Two Village Reserve 2014 (Ripe/Cooked Pu’erh) | Aged Yunnan Pu'erh tea
村普洱   |  2014

Millennia in the making. Seconds in the humbling. The glory of the land finds its perfect ode. Rivers winding through canyons, colossal and timeless. There is a certain kind of rhythm here. The closer you get, the more it moves you. The monsoon adds a fresh coat of brilliance to the landscape, to the rolling hills, lush forests, sprawling rice fields, terraced tea gardens, and cascading waterfalls. Then you close your eyes to see. The sound of silence is deafening here. Even the rain whispers. There is a lot of nothing to do and everything to experience. Now you open your eyes, you’re besieged by the grandeur. And grateful for the gift of perspective. In that instant, you are now under the spell of Yunnan. 

Yunnan is a study in contrasts, relish the magical allure in a land of ancient tales. In Longyan, the finest black tea and Pu’erh tea traditions rub shoulders with the future of top quality arabica coffee farms. Nowhere on Earth you will encounter the birthplace of two esteemed beverages: tea to the world, and arabica coffee to China. Longyan is steeped in tradition while embracing the future of technology. This was the vision in the making of the Two Village Reserve Pu’erh.  

This aged Yunnan Pu'erh tea cannot be defined by age alone, but by the richness of character, intricacy of flavor and intense balance that six years of undisturbed quiet aging in our most advanced tea vault brings.

Richer. Deeper. Smoother. Toffee notes. Silky tannins. Exotic. Exquisite. Tenacious. Illusive. Warm. It all blends in a perfect proclamation of harmony, complexity and refinement that pledges allegiance to 2,400 years of tea making mastery. 

Origin: Yunnan, China
Cultivar: Zhong Xiao Ye Zhong
Grade Quality: Private Reserve
Organic: Yes
Vintage: 2014

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