The Secret Garden of Osmanthus


The Secret Garden of Osmanthus   Premium Osmanthus Tea


A legendary journey is that rare odyssey that dreams are made of. It’s an adventure across a distant land. There is truly nothing on Earth quite like it. We trace the routes of ancient explorers and become a global nomad along the way. Then we accidentally stumbled upon this place, high up the mountains of Sichuan, China where the pandas play. At this elevation, there is a distinct air of intimacy while we take a breath to enjoy an ever changing vistas that stretch to the horizon. There is something very special about this place. The colors of the heavens are straight out of an artist’s palette. Emerald green bamboo sway in the mountain breezes. Cotton-like white clouds waft by the cadet blue sky while it tangos with hues of blazing gold and quenching purple. This is paradise. This is the Secret Garden.

If jasmine is the ancient aroma of calm, then osmanthus is the modern scent of opulence. Heavenly, exotic, exquisite, intense, illusive, sweet and ambrosial. It has the power to elevate your heart rate and bring it back down all in one pulse. 

Osmanthus is one of a very few botanicals that will awe your senses and forever capture your heart.  

Origin: Sichuan, China
Cultivar: n/a
Grade Quality: Private Reserve
Organic: Yes
Vintage: 2023

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