Mayfair Earl Grey Tea - Premium Earl Grey Tea


Mayfair Earl Grey | Premium Earl Grey Tea

Mayfair Earl Grey is our master rendition of a British classic premium earl grey tea. This premium earl grey tea graciously pays homage to the tea’s storied past and enduring legacy.  The most challenging aspect of creating a new classical premium earl grey tea is humility. Earl Grey is the world's most beloved tea. It has history. It has heritage. It has tradition. To recognize that it's immutable.

Handmade tea in a machine made universe. Not bending in the tyranny of a close enough culture. In a world dominated by artificial flavors we continue our commitment with old world traditions by using only authentic cold pressed organic bergamot oil from Calabria, Italy. Our Mayfair Premium Earl Grey Tea is passionately conceived and meticulously crafted with locally grown organic blue cornflowers. It is a fusion between contemporary methodologies and age-honored techniques.  We are our worst critics dedicated to the point of obsession. Challenging the impossible. Leading from the front.  Anything less than these unreasonable standards is unacceptable.

The aromas are compelling, with high notes of fresh Italian bergamot citrus and the back notes of sedated raspberry sweetness. Full bodied. Aristocratic pedigree. Masterfully blended. The new standard on an old British classic. Perfect over a cloud of milk and a drop of honey.

Origin: China, India, Sri Lanka
Cultivar: Mixed
Grade Quality: Private Reserve
Ingredients: Organic black tea, organic corn flower, organic bergamot oil
Organic: Yes

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