Mao Jian Green Tea


Mao Jian Green Tea -- New Arrival Spring 2024

Mao Jian is a famous ancient green tea produced in Xinyang township of Henan Province with a legendary history going back over 2,300 years. The tea literally translates to "hairy tips" referring to the appearance of the tea leaves.

The trademark look is defined by the elfin, long, taut strips of heavy green hue as a result of generational mastery. The same traditional techniques are still being practiced today: skillful hand movements of rolling, yielding to the breath of the wok in harmony with of the softness or dryness of the fresh tender leaves. With true mastery, the craftsman will sense the state of the tea leaves and when touch, sight and smell are in perfect union, he will intuitively know the tea production process has finally reached completion.  

Pale gold in colour, chestnut aroma, with a sweet, lingering after taste underpinned by a bright grassy note. Xinyang Mao Jian is the tea that defined the destination.

Origin: Xinyang, Henan China
Cultivar: Lao Cha Shu Quntizhong
Grade Quality: Ultra Premium
Organic: Yes
Vintage: 2024

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