Keemun Sunrise - Ultra Premium Keemun black tea


Keemun Sunrise | Ultra Premium Keemun black tea -- New 2023
祁门日出 红茶 

Robin A. Walker once wrote: 
“I stood upon a street at break of day,
When first the rays of sunlight pierced the clouds
And banished frosts and mists of night away
And with them all the fears that night enshrouds.” 

Sunrise is a symbol of birth and rebirth, illumination and hope, a new day and thus a chance for happiness. It is no wonder why the legendary Marco Polo brought Keemun Sunrise, a premium Keemun black tea, to the Queen of England and renamed it English Breakfast and forever changed the beverage culture of the United Kingdom. 

Keemun Sunrise is an extraordinary example of an early harvest ultra premium Keemun black tea perfected. Expertly handpicked. Masterfully handcrafted. Pure spring picked buds, intensely aromatic and complex on the nose, the palate is captivating, displaying enchanting floral concentration with refined texture, opulently balanced with a long complex aftertaste. 

Origin: Qimen, China
Cultivar: Zhu Ye Zhong
Grade Quality: Family Reserve / Competition Grade
Organic: Yes
Vintage: 2023

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