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English Lavender | English Lavender Tea

The sky descends a blushing soft peach-hue before it erupts into a vibrant sunset. The forest is nestled in a dense, dark jade jungle. A crescendo of squawks, tweets, and hoots fills the scene. What you are unraveling is a wild symphony inside nature's amphitheater. In the distance there is a cacophony of birds singing in perfect harmony.  It may feel like another world, but Wye Valley is only a three-hour drive from London. Straddling the crossroads of England and Wales it has been designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB 1971) to protect the special features that make it one of the finest lowland landscapes in Britain.

This wondrous place was home and home-away-from-home to some of Britain's most iconic ladies and gents, poets, and artists. William Turner came, Lady Hamilton, Lord Nelson, and even Wordsworth visited twice. It is also home to some of the best farmlands for growing the finest lavenders in the world.

Lavender has captured the global imagination like few other botanicals in the world. Its hidden treasures range from a slumber night sleep to inspiring great poetry and expressing eternal love, while its hypnotic essence thrum with contemporary aromatherapy and a new riff on modern gastronomy.

Profuse violet-blue, plump flower spikes with continuous blooms and Earthy floral aromas, everything about lavender is tailored for absolute serenity. English Lavender Tea whispers hide in the folds of ponderous curtains. Lavender lurks around every corner on moonless nights. English Lavender Tea is the color of majesty and luxury; purity and silence; devotion and serenity; grace and calmness. It is distant, aloof, and hazy. English Lavender Tea is transcendent and omnificent. It holds the power to provoke and the power to relax.  Experience it yourself in a cup of Leilani English Lavender tea.


Origin: England
Cultivar: Lavandula angustifolia
Grade Quality: Private Reserve
Organic: Yes
Vintage: 2022

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