Day Dream -- Handcrafted Artisan Tea


Day Dream | Premium Handcrafted Tea

Discovering distant lands can sometimes feel like soaring among the eagles. Inspired by a feeling of love at first sight, this handcrafted artisan tea pays tribute to the most complex of human emotions, love. Unlike, Kiss & Tell, Day Dream is a dedication to a Mother's Love. Fresh and uplifting. An exotic efflorescent to kindle the heart. This love is both strong and gentle. Thundering and peaceful. Relentless and yielding. Protecting and letting go. It is living in the now, and planning for a future. It changes as time passes, but she's always there. Standing in harm's way.

Day Dream is a composition of high mountain Silver Needle Black Handcrafted Artisan Tea with a big hug of alpine yellow chrysanthemum from the peaks of Kunlun Mountain. A hint of honey sweetness balanced with an impression of spice. Long, layered, and complex with a well-rounded mouth feel.

Origin: Yunnan, China
Cultivar: Heirloom Mengku
Grade Quality: Limited Reserve
Organic: No
Vintage: 2022

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