Chelsea English Breakfast | Premium English Breakfast Tea


Chelsea English Breakfast | Premium English Breakfast Tea

For centuries, the measure of perfection in English craftsmanship was portrayed by the country’s artisans. These master craftsmen were the embodiment of the artisan artists, the pinnacle of bespoke  who dared to stake a claim in the country's legendary history. Their honored techniques were passed down from master to apprentice, grandfather to father and from father to son  in workshops scattered throughout England. The country’s reputation for profound excellence was built on their transformation of high-quality materials into finely crafted goods that were beyond exquisite. Each creation was a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a consummate work of art. It was in these moments of clarity that inspired the creation of Chelsea English Breakfast. ... our annotation of the finest Premium English Breakfast Tea available anywhere. 

Chelsea English Breakfast is a masterful interpretation of the original British premium English Breakfast tea recipe dating back to 1843. This premium English Breakfast tea blend exhibits character, purity, finesse and provenance. It was purposefully aged for a minimum of five years resulting in a rich velvety body, and a golden sepia hue while serenading notes of malted butterscotch. The nuanced mouth feel fades into lingering warmth demonstrating linearity and restraint.  Full bodied. Intensely aromatic. A genesis from the past. A bold new taste into the future. Bloody marvelous.


Origin: China, India, Sri Lanka
Cultivar: Mixed
Grade Quality: Family Reserve
Ingredients: Organic black tea
Organic: Yes
Vintage: 2023

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