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Ceylon Imperial | Premium Ceylon black tea

For a millennia, Nuwara Eliya was a harsh, unyielding environment. And since 1846 after Samuel Baker’s discovery, its destiny was altered forever. At 6,129 feet in elevation, this place is unquestionably remote and emphatically fantastical. We have a naturally profound need to experience the extraordinary. For those drawn to places rich in ways to frolic, immersed in sublime natural beauty, and blessed with a soulful reverence for authenticity and tradition, the Nuware Eliya Tea Cooperative is such a place. This is base camp for one of the most esteemed Ceylon black tea.

This imperial grade premium Ceylon black tea delivers sophisticated charm from one of the world’s most remote tea gardens. This estate has a party of rare endangered monkeys and jungle shrews that calls this tea garden home. They are expressively shy. Should you encounter them during your visit, it is a rare privilege.

Focused, vibrant and engaging aromatics. Golden amber liquor. Opulent mouthfeel. Very articulated florality while mingling with subtle malty notes underpinning the palate and adored by youthful tannins. These are the trademarks of Ceylon black tea perfected.

Ceylon Imperial pays homage to its grand British heritage. It is a beautifully composed black tea of unforgettable experiences from a rich storied destination. It’s not every day you can get so far from the everyday.

Origin: Sri Lanka

Cultivar: Assamica

Grade Quality: Private Reserve

Organic: Yes
Vintage: 2023

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