High Mountain Alishan Oolong Tea


Alishan Four Season Oolong‎ High Mountain Alishan Oolong Tea

Rising from the lush expanse of wet rice paddies and the steep ravines of the Taroko Gorge is a place where the ambience is incredibly transcendental and calming. Hiking or in a 4WD is the ideal way to discover these vertiginous vistas and untouched mountain ranges. Its real essence is pure escapism, whether dangling from a mountain while rappelling or sitting on the edge of the world gazing at a sunrise. This infamous mountain has become one of Taiwan’s most buzzed-about and exclusive tea growing appellations for premiere grade High Mountain Alishan Oolong tea.

Situated within guava orchards and cypress forests, Gongtian Village of Chiayi County is home to one of Taiwan’s last living treasures in traditional tea making. This small village perched on an auspicious hillside overlooking the shimmering candle lights of the nearby Buddhist temples. 

At elevation of 1,200 meters (3,900 feet), this ultra premium jade style High Mountain Oolong tea is high mountain oolong at the pinnacle of greatness and pure allure. The is where High Mountain Alishan Oolong Tea belongs ... above all its peers. Luscious, focused and precise, it displays an intense purity of flavor, aroma and mouthfeel. Pale green-yellow hue, eccentric floral notes of divine orchids, following a brisk, long finish of fine tannic structure.

This ultra premium High Mountain Alishan Oolong tea exudes elegance, exclusivity and refinement, at first sip your heart will sing in a place where rustic tranquility reigns supreme. 

Origin: Alishan, Taiwan
Cultivar: Qin Xing, Four Season
Grade Quality: Family Reserve / Competition Grade
Organic: No
Vintage: 2023

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